About Us

Native Log Home Builders is owned and operated by Berwyn and Patty Rooks. Founded in 2001, the company strives to provide customers with the highest quality hand-crafted log homes, combining fine craftsmanship with the genius of nature.

Berwyn is not just a builder, he is a craftsman and an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. At the age of 16 he built his first log home from 24” Ponderosa Pine and has worked extensively with other mediums including metal, leather, beadwork and even builds traditional ceremonial drums.

Patty is also an artisan and has studied color and design. She is available to assist home builders with interior design choices in everything from tile and countertops to unique furniture and color schemes.

Unlike many builders, Berwyn and Patty are not in the business of sales. They do not require land owners to purchase land and home packages or select set designs. Instead blueprints can be designed directly with Berwyn at no additional cost. Customers may choose to provide their own blueprints which can even be customized, also at no charge. A log home is a dream come true for every owner; each detail counts.